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Manufacturer: Windows 32/64-Bit
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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IBM iSeries Access for Windows provides both a 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC driver. The 64-bit ODBC driver is automatically installed along with the 32-bit ODBC driver when running under a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows.

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  • In addition to standard ODBC functions, users can leverage Oracle specific features for high performance data access. The Oracle ODBC driver is an ODBC 3.52 compliant driver and is available as an easy to install Oracle Instant Client package.

  • In another form, the OP has informed me that your citation actually provided him the answer he needed, i.e., the 32-bit drivers are actually there, you just can't use them from the default ODBC management tools (which is 64-bit).

  • How to get 32-bit ODBC drivers for MS Access 2007/2010 on a Windows 7 64-bit System Found the following off Microsoft’s Website other Technical Tech-net Forums regarding users having issues.

  • Over there, in the Data source name field, type MS Access and click on the Ok button. Step 7 -- ODBC driver installed Now you will be brought.

  • One last caveat, if it's 64-bit Windows 7, you may be out of luck if you're using the Jet ODBC driver from contexts that cannot use 32-bit components. There is no 64-bit Jet yet (that's coming with Office 2010, and is in beta).

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  1. Problem installing MS Access ODBC driver for windows 7 I'm trying to install the MS Access ODBC driver on my Win 7 pro laptop. I downloaded MDAC 2.8 and tried to install it, but can't.

  2. Drivers are libraries that implement the functions in the ODBC API. Each driver is specific to a particular database management system (DBMS). In most cases, drivers expose the capabilities of the underlying DBMS; they are not required to implement capabilities not supported by the DBMS. Drivers.

  3. At least in my case, that version (the 32 bit version) of the cpl did contain the Access (2003 in my case) ODBC driver. The 64 bit DLLs etc are in c:\windows\system32. The 32 bit subsystem (so you can still run 32 bit apps on 64 bit Windows 7) is in c:\windows\sysWOW64.

Connector/ODBC is a standardized database driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix platforms. Online Documentation: MySQL Connector/ODBC Installation Instructions, Documentation and Change History.

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I am running the Windows 7 RC (x64) and need the MS Access 32-bit ODBC driver in order to connect to an in-house application. The driver doesn't appear to be shipped with Windows 7 and I cannot find anywhere to download.

Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server is a single dynamic-link library (DLL) containing run-time support for applications using native-code APIs to connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 and Windows Azure SQL Database.

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